My esteemed co-editor Aminatou correctly identifies this as basically a pastiche of 90s marilyn manson/bjork/madonna videos.

I am in awe of the Thriller moves and the McQueen shoes.


5 Responses to “INSTAGAGA”

  1. stylebaby Says:

    Listen, Bonettes.

    That GaGa vid owes a ton to Tori Amos too.

    You’ve got your bathtubs:

    Your copious uses of white:

    And crazy fire metaphors:

    I think I’ve just revealed my entire senior year of high school. Yikes.


  2. Aminatou Says:

    stylebaby ftw. tory amos is the original vagenius so we should all aspire to her greatness.

  3. stylebaby Says:

    Aminatou, love the Grace Jones avatar. Please to enjoy her straight up crazy:

  4. boner jam! « instaboner! Says:

    […] you to tori amos connoisseur and all around bomb ass commenter stylebaby for reminding me of this hot […]

  5. Aminatou Says:

    and you just made my day!

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