“I’m from the moon, darling.”


The December issue of Vanity Fair has a great article about Avedon in the late ’50s and ’60s. He photographed China Machado (who’s quoted at length, and liked to eat caviar on baked potatoes at photo shoots– go girl) in 1959:


And provoked the outrage of racist Bazaar readers when he photographed Donyale Luna (want. those. tights.):

luna2Read a 1966 Time article on Luna — who would answer questions about her upbringing with, “I’m from the moon, darling.” — here.

In 1965, he guest-edited the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar, which produced this iconic cover and futuristic spread featuring Jean Shrimpton:

bazaarapril1965He sought to portray her as “the Earth Girl” who had conquered the moon.

“It was considered a joke to see a woman in an astronaut suit,” says Ruth Ansel flatly. No one thought women were really going to be orbiting the earth. Shrimpton especially did not look ready for the hard vacuum, but women were Avedon’s primary muse, and American women had rising ambitions, even if such ambitions were still being brushed aside. Avedon, playing prophet, wasn’t just saying, The Moon Next Time. He was saying, Feel the Joy. This isn’t anarchy we’re seeing in the streets. It’s youthful vitality.

More ’60s Avedon fashion photography…

dovimaavedonDovima with elephants (a classic!)

LizTaylor-AvedonLiz Taylor looking badass

veruschka1967Veruschka, 1967


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