Turn Around, Bright Eyes


“UPDATE YOUR MEME” Ann L. Friedman

We were hanging out at BONERCENTCOM when I brutally discovered that we’re not all on the same page vis-à-vis the Bonnie Tyler memes. TECHNOLOGICAL GAP??! Very unfortunate and totally unacceptable since it’s all about 15.8 blog years old. Thankfully it’s also highly preventable [via see something say something]. Let’s keep each other in the loop kids. Operation: No Man Left Behind (on the internet) is now in effect

Exhibit A. The Flow Chart

Exhibit B– The literal video version (while we’re at it here are the best literal videos)

Exhibit C– The French version because some of us didn’t grow up here and learned English through MTV (60% Celine Dion videos)

Exhibit D. The karaoke version, office edition (if you must)


2 Responses to “Turn Around, Bright Eyes”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    this post brought to you by last night’s class at PCU, thanks bones!

  2. The More You Know: Midwest Divas « instaboner! Says:

    […] More You Know: Midwest Divas By Ann Much like the Bonnie Tyler revelation, this weekend it was discovered that all of us at BONERCENTCOM are not equally aware of the origins […]

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