The More You Know: Midwest Divas


Much like the Bonnie Tyler revelation, this weekend it was discovered that all of us at BONERCENTCOM are not equally aware of the origins of the phrase “Midwest Diva” and its creator, Leslie Hall. Herewith, a primer.

Exhibit A: Gem sweater museum

Here is where the magic began! Leslie’s gallery of gem sweaters.

Take the (virtual) tour:

Plus, an amazing DIY tutorial.

Exhibit B: Gem sweater anthem

Bask in its greatness:

Exhibit C: How We Go Out

Exhibit D: Midwest Diva, the jam

Not from the east, not from the west, girls in the middle that rock the best:

(Better quality audio here.)

Exhibit E: Midwest Diva, the stretchy pants

Made from high performence spandex and designed with high frequency dance and lady bouncing in mind; these pants are not only one of a kind but a true vision of this midwest diva who craves the jams and the jiggles in the clubs and gym. I began designing them because I couldn’t find my size in the spandex that I yearned for. Lovingly and expertly crafted in Ames, Iowa while watching Judge shows, these pants are meant to hug your legs and hold your proud lady stuff. Go ahead and gain a few pounds, these pants will still love you… or my name isn’t Leslie Hall

Made in Iowa. Built by a diva.

Love you, Leslie.


3 Responses to “The More You Know: Midwest Divas”

  1. Aminatou Says:

    let’s talk about how i now know alllllllll the words to midwest diva. thanks sug’.

  2. laurin Says:

    i love leslie. even better she was featured on my favorite show ever, yo gabba gabba. sophie thinks she is the bees knees. speaking of gem sweaters, a one mr. adam sandberg wore one for his visit to ygg. behold:

  3. Behold, Leslie « instaboner! Says:

    […] Behold, Leslie By Lara For those of you still uninitiated with the awesomeness that is Leslie Hall, please check out Ann’s very informative post and get educated. […]

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