Do it, Dr. Dance



Lovatt – who is known around campus as Dr Dance – has just completed a major piece of research into dance, analysing 13,700 people’s responses to an online video of him, a former professional dancer, strutting his stuff. Lovatt demonstrated various dance movements, then asked respondents to rate them. He also asked people to imagine they were dancing at a wedding or disco, and say how good they were compared with the average dancer.

The research was part of his investigation into “dance confidence” (DC) – the factor that makes the difference between you sitting glued to the bar seat and actually going for a boogie – and how it changes with age and gender.

I think Dr. Dance’s moves (um, there’s a reason Elton John’s hit was not called “Extra Large Dancer”) explain his next finding:

“First things first if deep down you think you’re a better dancer than most, you’re not alone,” Lovatt laughs. “The average DC level was significantly higher than expected, meaning most people thought they were better dancers than the average person of their own age and gender.”

No offense to the good doc, but the Soul Train youtube channel is all you really need to give yr DC a reality check.

Case in point:


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