Morning Wood: stiff links


Gaga cookies: tasty treat for the avant-garde fashion fan in your life.

Playlist from Cassie Ramone.

You can now search the Harper’s Index.

Biggest movie flops of all time.

So many twee girls are jealous right now.

And now a brief Golden Globes fashion wrap up:  Meryl: perfect lipstick. Tina, love the print, hate the bar wench skirt. ChloSevs looked like stroganoff. LOVE YOU MO’NIQUE. What is this, 1996?? I approve of Disco Sookie. Tendrils? NO. I think this looked better on tv. Joan, we can see your boob veins – more coverage, pls. Related: Mariah pulled a Serena VDW. Oh, and Manuary was in full effect.

When bros sleep, what do they dream of?


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