Morning Wood: stiff links


Does anywhere in DC stock Acne Paper mag?

Dig these chicks.

Ricotta muffins, get in my mouth.

I want someone to do this for every band.

symbolic alphabet.

“Sometimes it’s a rough day and I’m about to go to sleep at eleven o’clock, but I’ll get my Polaroid and take pictures of a series of things. Then I go to bed really happy because I have something to look at, something I did.” ❤ Patti Smith.

At least he’s self-aware?

Speaking of…

Who wore it best?

UPDATE: A reader writes,

Gavin wins hands down.  John looks like he just finished taking a huge dump.  I would not get in bed with him.  Plus his music sucks and we all know Bush was the best band in middle school.

3 Responses to “Morning Wood: stiff links”

  1. jessie Says:

    “there’s no sex in your violence.”

  2. Aminatou Says:

    W.O.W john mayer. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    This reader is absolutely right. On all fronts.

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