Officially declaring today “Denim Day”


Apparently VMan mag is featuring denim underwear in one of the editorials.

This is eerie, because I was just chatting with instafriend Becca today about denim underthings:

Becca: remember the britney/justin canadian tux outfit?
Ann: that photo makes me never want to wear jeans again
Becca: funny, it makes me want to wear like, denim undies so that justin knows i understand him
Ann: WHOA. do they make denim undies? seems… chafey
Becca: oh hi
Ann: that appears to be a thong in back
Becca: ahadsflhasdlf
Ann: how big do they think buttcracks are? they are not buttcanyons! it is a tight space! not enough room for denim!


5 Responses to “Officially declaring today “Denim Day””

  1. whoabecca Says:

    “we can see the internet before it happens.”

  2. Aminatou Says:

    hi becca! that justin/britney combo still gives me nightmares

  3. jessie Says:


  4. Ann Says:

    bringing chafey/sexy back?

  5. corazones rojos Says:

    In other denim news, my boss is wearing a denim mini skirt OVER denim jeans. Guess she got the Denim Day memo.

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