Texas tuxedo



Amina: is that a denim puffy jacket?! want
Ann: dude! not only is she making a puffy denim vest look good, she is pairing it with ANOTHER denim piece. aka fashion suicide. but behold! she lives! astounding.
Amina: also this is cute. take back everything bad i said about denim skirts
Ann: denim! i forgot that was an original point of contention in our otherwise harmonious fashion relationship.
Amina: only the skirts girl. i fully support the canadian/texas tuxedos if done well.
Ann: oh i know.
Amina: my crowning jewels of puns.

UPDATE: Garance’s vest is GAP. #investigativereporting


2 Responses to “Texas tuxedo”

  1. Aminatou Says:


  2. jessie Says:

    o man. LOVING this. confession: i wore a denim shirt and jeans very recently and was into it, but i very easily could have been the only one.

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