Try, everythingthatisawesomelands.


Not more than I love The Boss, however. Never that much.

And, I’m pretty sure you guys need to see this. Holy. Mother of.

And then finally, these dudes:


4 Responses to “Badlands?”

  1. Ann Says:

    in a stunning departure from the other instabonettes, i am going to have to disagree about that photo of young Bruce. he looks like he just finished a game of pickup hoops with merry and pippin from Lord of the Rings. not my jam.

  2. jessie Says:

    ann = vondruke.

    that photo is now the background on my comp.

  3. Ann Says:

    tell it to the obviously superior Darkness-on-the-Edge-of-Town Bruce!

    hubba hubba.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    Ann, i love you. so, so, much. but i respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree.

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