Morning Wood: stiff links


Better than any super bowl ad


You coffee drinkers are disgusting

And they’re back!

I forgot Bill Paxton was ever in a band and that’s the least crazy part of that video

But will ANYONE do????

eXXXtreme meta-enabling

zanie zanie zanie!

I have a love/hate relationship with Terry Gross so thanks Aziz Ansari for this gem of an interview

Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman, WOW



2 Responses to “Morning Wood: stiff links”

  1. corazones rojos Says:

    Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are a delicacy in Southern California. Outside clubs, there’s usually some lady selling them for the hungry and drunk fools stumbling out from dancing and sweating. Seriously, they’re so good. There’s at least three bacon-wrapped hot dog stands within a two-mile radius of my place. Plus, my mom will make them whenever we barbcue. Aaaand, they’re sold in packages at our local Mexican markets. This shit is serious for us Mexican folk!

    • Aminatou Says:

      ok ok many people have changed my mind about this. tell your momma i’m coming in the summahtime so i want to tryyyyyyy this

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