Morning Wood: stiff links


Firsts things first. This is the last time we will ever mention this asshole. I feel so dirty because I exposed all of you to this nasty shit. So sad because he had potential… in 2004. Woman mistake learned: you can’t change a douchebag

Ok Ok now on to good vibes: soundtrack of the day.

This is also awesome

God I’ve missed you Celine. Never forget!

Crucial thrifting tips via Gabby

Where are your heels Suri?



I love google buzz but if you hate it here’s a hot tip

Thanks Liz for today’s picture


3 Responses to “Morning Wood: stiff links”

  1. Ann Says:

    “Former Postal Service singer Jenny Lewis makes some bag.”
    “Natalie Portman ‘half asses’ and donates some used ballet slippers.”

  2. corazones rojos Says:

    Thanks for linking me!!!

    And I feel kinda sad I won’t be reading anything else about JM here. Oh well. Maybe my life will be better for it?

  3. Different Types Of Wood Says:

    thanks for this intresting post, just wanted to say thanks


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