ATTN designers


Can someone please make a leather turban?

via the Streethearts.

Ann: ALARMBELLS. is this a LEATHER TURBAN? idieidieidieidie
Phoebe: i think it’s heavy silk. but WHOA
Ann: someone NEEDS to make leather turban. what i saw cannot be unseen
Phoebe: you’d need really really fine/thin leather … i feel like the bulk might prove a problem
Ann: they make superthin leather, though. i think this is possible.
Phoebe: the right ugly A-line leather skirt at a VA thrift …
Ann: YES! i now have a goal to give my weekend meaning.

For additional (actual) leatherbonerrrrrz, see here and here.

For turban tips, see here.


3 Responses to “ATTN designers”

  1. Aminatou Says:

    so best

  2. Leather turbans, here at last « instaboner! Says:

    […] turbans, here at last By Ann We asked, Jennifer Behr […]

  3. shin Says:

    carin wester made the leather turban

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