The hops give you extra volume


(Bonus: Double Gaga)


Watch the videos: Gaga and Maluca.

Bonus Maluca styles.

Bonus Maluca on her styles:

Growing up, everything that I wasn’t suppose to do, say, or touch, I did! I think that’s my approach to music and fashion, to do things that I’m “not supposed to do.” Why can’t I put these patterns together or these sounds together? Who says so? Aww, f**k it, I’m gonna try it anyway!


6 Responses to “The hops give you extra volume”

  1. Ann Says:

    must credit maluca!

  2. Jeanne Says:

    omg YES phoebe

  3. Aminatou Says:

    also IT’S ON

  4. Aminatou Says:

    and why did kid sister drop the ball on this?

  5. Aminatou Says:

    oh and duh that gaga’s sister in the first pic. too cute.
    can’t believe i didn’t do my screenshots post last nit.

  6. Ann Says:

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