Gaga gifsplosion!



Lookin’ good, gurl:

Shakin’ it majorette styles:


Beyonce channels our twitter icon:

Gaga controls yr miiiiind:

Want these glasses so bad:

24/7 always:

UPDATE: yes pls and thank you!


3 Responses to “Gaga gifsplosion!”

  1. jessie Says:

    “ann is gonna go crazy with the gifs on this.” – jeanne to me at approximately 11:45 last night.

    • Ann Says:

      what can i say? the woman knows me well.

      • Jeanne Says:

        honestly, beyonce’s majorette sequence is just basically one very long gif and i am hoping that it emerges as a stand alone on the internet soon. ann, i can only imagine the size of your boner while watching but i am certain it was of EPIC proportions.

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