Cookie Time.


Dude. Talk about movies that shaped you as a kid. Troop Beverly Hills is one of those movies that if you’ve seen it, I probably like you. If you can reference it as an adult, I probably love you. If you’re like Lindsay and you can recite the entire Cookie Time song from memory, I will actually love you forever.

Related, has anyone seen The Wizard (another young Jenny Lewis vehicle also from ’89)? Because if so, I’d either like to buy you a drink or give you a big wet kiss on the mouth.


3 Responses to “Cookie Time.”

  1. Rahel Says:

    I’m waiting for my kiss – pls!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Me too.

  3. nicole Says:

    we don’t need no stinking patches.
    butterscotch or wintergreen?
    plenders’ pilgrims.
    annie herman, boi-yoi-yoing.


    aminsy, this post gave me a mini O.
    i do not know you jessie, but let’s be the best of friends.

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