Romp around


If you know me, you know that I’ve long been a fan of the romper as an idea. After all, I like any clothing item that is actually named after what you do in it. While I’ve never been able to successfully wear one, I truly believe that this summer things will be turning around for me on the romper front.

Let’s check out some ideas, shall we? C’mon!

This Steven Alan baby costs 248 bones which is crazytown. But I want it? Give.

This romp from Spool 72 was the most affordable non-vintage one I’ve seen therefore it is clearly out-of-stock. WHYYYYYY.

Built by Wendy. O BBW. You are so consistently awesome yet so you cost so very many dollars. I kind of hate you.

And finally, the most ridiculous one, and the one I want the most via Bona Drag. It is not only a romper, it is also a crop top and shorts? I kind of can’t wrap my head around the fact that something this wondrous exists. Big sigh. Someday my romper will come. Someday when dreams come true.


5 Responses to “Romp around”

  1. Ann Says:

    i swear, we will thrift you one!
    just listen to the wise words of gabrielle:

  2. Jeanne Says:

    i have obvs stocked up on rompers this year. currently 3 reside in my closet. lookout summer, i am ready to romp!

  3. Annie Says:

    True in 2008, true in 2010, true in 2000-FOREVER.

  4. jessie Says:

    annie, never forget. NEVER FORGET.

  5. Phoebe Says:

    Not to shat on thrifting, but Target has a boner-rific stock right now–all priced at $17.

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