And I must give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts.


80’s film Cher = total inspiration to me. And it’s weird because her style is so…simple?

Par exemple, Moonstruck:

Her use of oversized menswear and “unsexy” uniform-chic in this movie is just delicious. Oxfords, cardigans, knee length shirt dresses, and of course – that trench.

And now, Mask, otherwise known as the movie where Cher has never EVER looked sexier? High-waisted denim pants and minis, white tanks sans bra, that HAIR, and then there’s the fact that she’s with Sam Elliott who is just, I mean, yeah.

I wasn’t able to find a great picture from the Witches of Eastwick (where she wears some honest-to-god sexy sweatpants and cowboy boots and it’s 8 kinds of awesome) however, there’s this one with all three witches looking like insane sexbombs:

Anddddd…I want a perm?


One Response to “And I must give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts.”

  1. Ann Says:

    hot tip: Witches of Eastwick is on netflix instant right now. i may have watched it last week. #instaboner

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