matchy matchy


yesterday at approximately 4:37pm…

Ann: want want want want
Amina: GET OUT OF MY BOOKMARKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Ann: i just bought these. THEY ARE SO KEUT I CAN’T STAND IT.
Amina: THEN WE’LL BE MATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ann: shut up. did you really buy them? cause i seriously did.
Amina: GIRL I DID!
Ann: WE BOUGHT THE EXACT SAME ONES?!!! hahahahaha. i love you.

here’s what all those kanye caps and exclamation points are about:


2 Responses to “matchy matchy”

  1. jessie Says:


  2. corazones rojos Says:

    Guess I need to get some as well.

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