2 Responses to “Grant”

  1. melina bee Says:

    I don’t think very many guys could hold that pose and still seem confident rather than hella awkward and or extremely perverted. But I guess that’s why style, class and ass tend to go hand in hand.

  2. RLL Says:

    just watched Philadelphia Story and His Girl Friday. Grant’s great and always self-effacing, but Jimmy Stewart’s corniness, bufooniness, and intentional drawling and whatever else give him empathic powers that always make Grant seem superficial. In Philadelphia story that superficiality is imposed on him by his upper class birth to illustrate the depth of the character underneath it. I don’t think Grant ever really pulls it off– I never really believe the sacrifice or “class act” behavior– he’s all farce (which is still entertaining). For that reason, when Grant gets the girl or otherwise “wins” in a romcom role I never really root for him– he always seems just as shallow as the bad alternative he’s supposedly rescuing these women from (though his characters always know more about and react better with the women than the bad alternatives do).

    In short, damn I wish I was that charming.

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