Ten Wonderful Things in the NY Mag Profile of Johnny Weir


1. This photo.

2. “Girl. Girrrrrllllllllll. Girrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllll!

3. There’s some pink chiffon stuck up on the windows, some decorations welded into place with a hot-glue gun.

4. “I went on a date last night,” says Camasta.

“Oh really,” says Weir. “I thought you said you had a facial.”

5. He went to the Kentucky Derby and had his hair and makeup done by total amateurs, but never mind, he read the betting pamphlet, totally understood how it all worked, and promptly won 500 bucks, which he spent on three pairs of jeggings (women’s size 28) at Intermix on Prince Street once he’d been assured they didn’t make him look fat.

6. In quite a few episodes, Weir and Paris (who was his roommate at the time) cavort in their tiny underpants alongside Weir’s “Balenciaga tree,” which is a coatrack decorated with the fifteen or so $2,000 bags he’s been sent by devoted, often Japanese fans.

7. “I only let bears do my beauty,” Weir says. “I like beauty bears.”

8. Belbin, for her part, was happy living with Weir because the room “smelled amazing” thanks to all the scented candles, and she liked the Audrey Hepburn posters, too.

9. “I don’t need anyone for anything. I can have sex with myself, I can love myself, I can do all those things myself. The importance that people place on me not having another half even if it’s just for sex, it’s irrelevant to me”

10. [He] wears stiletto heels and women’s clothes, not in a drag way, but in a completely matter-of-fact, what’s-in-my-closet kind of way.


2 Responses to “Ten Wonderful Things in the NY Mag Profile of Johnny Weir”

  1. wong elana Says:

    awesome story. keep it going

  2. pinkcutecedar Says:

    I don’t get it – such a great series and then the fans burn the cars.

    What a black mark on the final.

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