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Vertical belt

September 22, 2010

WHAT?! this is genius.



camel+ cape= need/want

September 22, 2010

Shingai Shoniwa


September 22, 2010

here and here

luh yr prints

September 21, 2010



September 20, 2010


need more collabos plz

90210: meet you at the peach pit

September 2, 2010

H/T Cord


  • The episode where Andrea offers her virginity to Brandon as a GOING AWAY PRESENT. Permanent mortification:
  • God. Emily Valentine= textbook psycho so obvs she’s favs. Remember when she tried to torch herself and the school parade float at the same time? Sigh. Jennie Humphrey, I had such high hopes for you.
  • Lolio. Matt Perry, tennis all star in this #rippedfromtheheadlines Menendez Bros ed. plot.
  • DUH: this shit is 100% correct espesh kelly/brenda/donna backup. no bras. all black. tight hair.
  • “I bet he gives good credit card” Valerie MF Malone aka total power bitch. Lighting up that joint = universal signal for “bad girl”.

  • The fashionz:

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