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MovieReviewChat: True Grit

January 31, 2011

Ann: so have you seen True Grit? i forget

Aminatou: yes
matt damon as a convincing tx ranger is so real
also maybe most feminist movie ever

Ann: i have decided that the only thing that makes me cry in movies is Strong Lady scenes
i defs teared up when she forded the river on Little Blackie

Aminatou: dude

Ann: but so disappointed that 1) they used voiceover. sick. and 2) that she doesn’t die!
in the book she dies
way more epic/tragic
jeff bridges = lifetime membership to the bonezone

Aminatou: always. forever
so i watched this coen bros interview
they havent seen the movie since they were little
and didn’t bother to rewatch for this
i thought that was interesting
to leave that memory in the past
and still have a kid’s perspective when remaking it
and maybe that’s why she doesn’t die
maybe not but that’s my weirdo explanaish

Ann: i dunno. even tho it tugged my feminist heartstrings, i thought it wasn’t nearly as good as No Country

Aminatou: ann, no country wrecked me for weeks
like i still don’t have the courage to ever rewatch

Ann: i know, i know
but, like, AMAZING
fucking epic beyond epic
this was super pretty, and totally solid, but not the same

Aminatou: that little girl is oscar material

Ann: duhz

Aminatou: but NOT a fashion icon as ALT wants me to believe
but like there are scenes where she is being #BIGGIRL
and it is so hard to watch
even though we are that #BIGGIRL


Aminatou: i get so mushy when kids have to go through real shit
and then i remember i am kind of that kid

Ann: this is the #1 movie in the Fake It Til You Make It canon

Aminatou: hahaha

Ann: when she was like, duh i know how to cock this pistol i was like, whoa. workplace scenario playing out in a creek w/ josh brolin

Aminatou: awww
god josh brolin
hate all your characters
but kind of have a soft spot that you let yourself be a villain i can hate so much

Ann: i love how all the men in this movie are addled/stupid. (#tooreal?)
esp the scene where bridges and damon are shooting at the cornbread
hellloooo 1 million editorial meetings and dc happy hours
“shooting the cornbread” = new euphemism for dudes having a dude-off when they should be doing something productive or enjoyable

Aminatou: god
put that in our vocab bank!


Is it Spring yet?

January 26, 2011

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shorts- sweater- bag- correct

January 10, 2011

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