Second favorite!

Fuck the haters. Moving along…

Little Alt on the Prairie:

(Also, this face! The goal is sexy pout, the execution is #overit.)

L O L I O.

The fashion white swan (aka safe/frilly/pretty) to Cate Blanchett’s black.

Ladies who want you to know how to find their vajayjs:

Dear Diablo Cody, THIS is how you wear flats at the Oscars.

Prom 1997.

I think Jonah Hill played this kid in Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

Also, Rusty looks like a Geico caveman.

I know this is supposedly vintage, but it looks like a community college fashion-merchandising student’s final project.


I liked this dress better on Toni Braxton.

You know how horses have those poop bags that hang behind them so there isn’t feces all over the parade route?

Best couple.

You’re never fully dressed without a sammy.


Well played, Mandy Moore. (File under: Sentences I never thought I’d type without referencing Ryan Adams in any way.)

Most disgusting ginger beard:

Could Ginnifer Goodwin look more infantile? For a second I thought Tavi went brunette.

Looks like Madge went apeshit in “slut notions” aisle at Jo-Ann. Either that or she switched outfits with Lourdes in the limo to the VF afterparty. Either way, #baddecisions.

So much #whiteshame. When will white people learn that if you don’t invite anyone else to the Oscars, all the bad fashion photos are of YOU?!

– ann + amina


2 Responses to “Oscarboners”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Love all of this! Personal fav: Scar Jo: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/251938/SCARLETT-JOHANSSON-OSCARS-2011.jpg

  2. corazones rojos Says:


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