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February 28, 2011


Second favorite!

Fuck the haters. Moving along…

Little Alt on the Prairie:

(Also, this face! The goal is sexy pout, the execution is #overit.)

L O L I O.

The fashion white swan (aka safe/frilly/pretty) to Cate Blanchett’s black.

Ladies who want you to know how to find their vajayjs:

Dear Diablo Cody, THIS is how you wear flats at the Oscars.

Prom 1997.

I think Jonah Hill played this kid in Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

Also, Rusty looks like a Geico caveman.

I know this is supposedly vintage, but it looks like a community college fashion-merchandising student’s final project.


I liked this dress better on Toni Braxton.

You know how horses have those poop bags that hang behind them so there isn’t feces all over the parade route?

Best couple.

You’re never fully dressed without a sammy.


Well played, Mandy Moore. (File under: Sentences I never thought I’d type without referencing Ryan Adams in any way.)

Most disgusting ginger beard:

Could Ginnifer Goodwin look more infantile? For a second I thought Tavi went brunette.

Looks like Madge went apeshit in “slut notions” aisle at Jo-Ann. Either that or she switched outfits with Lourdes in the limo to the VF afterparty. Either way, #baddecisions.

So much #whiteshame. When will white people learn that if you don’t invite anyone else to the Oscars, all the bad fashion photos are of YOU?!

– ann + amina



February 26, 2011

Who is your black swan?

February 7, 2011

Official party game of 2k11.

MovieReviewChat: True Grit

January 31, 2011

Ann: so have you seen True Grit? i forget

Aminatou: yes
matt damon as a convincing tx ranger is so real
also maybe most feminist movie ever

Ann: i have decided that the only thing that makes me cry in movies is Strong Lady scenes
i defs teared up when she forded the river on Little Blackie

Aminatou: dude

Ann: but so disappointed that 1) they used voiceover. sick. and 2) that she doesn’t die!
in the book she dies
way more epic/tragic
jeff bridges = lifetime membership to the bonezone

Aminatou: always. forever
so i watched this coen bros interview
they havent seen the movie since they were little
and didn’t bother to rewatch for this
i thought that was interesting
to leave that memory in the past
and still have a kid’s perspective when remaking it
and maybe that’s why she doesn’t die
maybe not but that’s my weirdo explanaish

Ann: i dunno. even tho it tugged my feminist heartstrings, i thought it wasn’t nearly as good as No Country

Aminatou: ann, no country wrecked me for weeks
like i still don’t have the courage to ever rewatch

Ann: i know, i know
but, like, AMAZING
fucking epic beyond epic
this was super pretty, and totally solid, but not the same

Aminatou: that little girl is oscar material

Ann: duhz

Aminatou: but NOT a fashion icon as ALT wants me to believe
but like there are scenes where she is being #BIGGIRL
and it is so hard to watch
even though we are that #BIGGIRL


Aminatou: i get so mushy when kids have to go through real shit
and then i remember i am kind of that kid

Ann: this is the #1 movie in the Fake It Til You Make It canon

Aminatou: hahaha

Ann: when she was like, duh i know how to cock this pistol i was like, whoa. workplace scenario playing out in a creek w/ josh brolin

Aminatou: awww
god josh brolin
hate all your characters
but kind of have a soft spot that you let yourself be a villain i can hate so much

Ann: i love how all the men in this movie are addled/stupid. (#tooreal?)
esp the scene where bridges and damon are shooting at the cornbread
hellloooo 1 million editorial meetings and dc happy hours
“shooting the cornbread” = new euphemism for dudes having a dude-off when they should be doing something productive or enjoyable

Aminatou: god
put that in our vocab bank!

Hashtags of the Year, 2k10

December 10, 2010

20. #modernlove
19. #whiskeyconfusion
18. #trendbros
17. #blueclit
16. #tocatcharacist
15. #whitegirlproblems
14. #letsgetvulnerableyall
13. #imean
12. #nohometraining
11. #thisiswhywearefriends
10. #itgetsbetter
9. #poundtown
8. #mastyfest
7. #nojourno
6. #lifemotto
5. #isthisist
4. #realtalk
3. #spankbank
2. #posivibes
1. #cofierce


October 29, 2010

I know this is a controversial view, but I don’t think that anyone who sends a jeweled rhinestone skull tunic and a checked bubble-hem dress down the runway deserves to win. Mondo, you seem like a gem of a person and I definitely cried at your HIV-poz coming-out, but honestly, #teamgretchen.

(Mondo, left. Gretchen, right.)

oct. 22 bday hotties

October 22, 2010










Fall pastels

October 21, 2010


Fall lust list

October 11, 2010

Camel leather swing top:

Navy suede boots:

Sheer lace midi skirt:

Pat pat pat yr weave, ladies

October 8, 2010

yr basketweave, that is: