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Hashtags of the Year, 2k10

December 10, 2010

20. #modernlove
19. #whiskeyconfusion
18. #trendbros
17. #blueclit
16. #tocatcharacist
15. #whitegirlproblems
14. #letsgetvulnerableyall
13. #imean
12. #nohometraining
11. #thisiswhywearefriends
10. #itgetsbetter
9. #poundtown
8. #mastyfest
7. #nojourno
6. #lifemotto
5. #isthisist
4. #realtalk
3. #spankbank
2. #posivibes
1. #cofierce


SATC2: thanks for the headdesks.

June 1, 2010

Ann: ok, let’s get friv about satc
FIRST UP miranda’s full-studded dress

er, on me

Aminatou: dude
that dress was fucking delicious
the right amount of everythang
and made me forget what an asshole she is
i mean what more can you ask for?

Ann: she is not an asshole! she had a lobotomy between the last movie and this one to excise all of the snark.
also, can we discuss the subtle phase-out of the cosmo?
they drink other sorts of pink bevs in martini glasses… but not explicitly cosmos

Aminatou: HALLE-LU!  death to all -tinis
it’s like they issued a fatwa on those disgusting drinks

Ann: they probs cut the scene of carrie spilling pink vodka all over the souk and screaming, “I DRINK FLIRTINIS!”


Leg to waist to hip to hip

April 7, 2010

Free hobo bag!

Pink denim pantsuit!

Ferrari forever!

Star-studded and chock fulla lessons

February 16, 2010

The used DVD set is on sale for $52.95 on Amazon. I’m seriously considering purchasing it.

I cannot even begin to explain how much Faerie Tale Theater shaped my childhood/adulthood. Independent of the fact that Rumpelstiltskin and The Snow Queen both scared the ever-bonin’ shit out of me, I remember even as a kid thinking that it was kind of cool that in the FTT version, the Prince and Little Mermaid didn’t end up together.

Similarly, nothing is more comforting than the sweet cadence of this chick’s voice.

Even if she also really scared me.


January 22, 2010

I have looked in vain for a comprehensive post of how Gaga has updated some of Madonna’s classic/daring looks. Guess I have to make one myself:

Hair bow

White lace overload

Menswear chic

Cone bra

Latex bodysuit

The Pink Pantsless

I was gonna ask “Who wore it best?” but that’s just a ridiculous question. Madge, Stef, ❤ you both.

On the walls

January 19, 2010

Through some sort of internet wormhole, I discovered that the “Most Vital Artists” issue of Spin from 1997 is online in its entirety. (If only the Girl Issue from that year were available, too… sigh.) As an angsty teen, I tore out like every single page in this issue and hung them all up in my bedroom.


Seriously, I thought Courtney in this picture was the pinnacle of fashion. So inspirational.


Navigator Man! My bff and I were obsessed with this ad– we were convinced he looked like Jordan Catalano. (wha?)

cockerboner. (favorite new word??)

Soooo much more…

Bye bye 2000s, an exercise

January 3, 2010

For each year of the aughts, list:

1. Your firsts that year
2. The friends you made that year
3. The soundtrack of that year

Wow, huh?

First kisses

December 30, 2009


Bonus question: What’s your favorite movie kiss?

Mine is horribly embarrassing. So embarrassing that I cannot believe I am confessing it in a public forum:


Remember when

December 3, 2009

this music video was featured during the end credits of 90210? Robert Pattinson can learn a thing or two about hair care products from Jeremy. His hair had some serious lift.

Shout-out to my Party Line ladies- you know who you are.

Jeremy Jordan (government name: Donald Henson) is also Drew Barrymore’s dream lovah in “Never Been Kissed” (see 3:01)

but before that there was also lifetime original movie with him and Melissa Joan Hart. She had him kill her parents. Classsssssic

Remember When

December 2, 2009

intrepid reporter Andrea Zuckerman offered her virginity to Brandon “Sideburns” Walsh at the end 90210’s first season? *CLOSE CALL*